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How does SEBECO EDUCATION conceive the assessment tests ?

After a general preliminary screening the remaining candidates are divided into separate groups, depending on the particular job they aspire to in your call center. Subsequently, the candidates are invited a second time for more exhaustive tests and in-depth interviews. A simulation of the call center environment allows SEBECO EDUCATION to assess the candidates’ technical skills and their ability to carry out assignments in a real working environment. SEBECO EDUCATION measures each candidate’s personal and technical skills as they are perceived and used in a call center environment. This gives us a clear picture of each candidate’s learning skills and competence profile, personality and character.

SEBECO EDUCATION sets great store by the following principle : the right man/woman for the right job. Therefore, profound and exhaustive testing is to the benefit of all parties involved, to avoid problems later on. Again SEBECO EDUCATION is willing to provide individual feedback to the candidate at his or her request.



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