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Job responsibilities?

You lead and motivate a team of about fifteen customer service operators. You see to it that your team meets the goals set and you check the quality delivered. It is your duty to brief the new customer service operators. You contribute to a good social atmosphere by showing commitment and spirit while working together with your colleagues.

Ideal job profile?

You have at least an A1 diploma or an A2 with some job experience. You are fluent in your own mother tongue (Dutch/French), both in written and vocal communication. You are familiar with standard PC applications. In addition, you have excellent communication skills and you are a go-getter. You know how to keep things under control and of course you are not afraid to assume all responsibilities involved.


graphic designer

monitoring steward
sales manager
legal advisor
call center manager
database marketeer
facility coach
human resources assistant
IT Specialist
management assistent
team leader


customer service operator*