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sales manager

Job responsibilities?

After getting an intensive training you become responsible for the broadening of our customer portfolio of our ASP or call center hotel department. As "ASP services asales manager" you achieve excellent sales results by combining commercial talent with administrative skills. As "ASP services sales manager" you conduct commercial negotiations with the general and ICT direction and as "call center hotel services manager" with the general and site and facility direction. As "ASP services sales manager" you know our voice over IP technology thoroughly and you sell voice computer and virtual call center applications. As "call center hotel services sales manager" you know the many advantages of flexible accommodation for intern call centers and you sell our hotel services with feeling. As sales manager you also examine the specific needs and finally you translate into the perfect solution for the ASP and hotel services customer.

Ideal job profile?

You have at least an A1 diploma or a licentiate. You are fluent in Dutch, French and English and you know how to work with the most common computer programs such as Word, Excel and Access. Moreover, you have commercial talent and you brim over with energy. You know how to convince other people and you have a good share of communicative skills. Of course, you never forget to show initiative.



graphic designer

monitoring steward
sales manager
legal advisor
call center manager
database marketeer
facility coach
human resources assistant
IT Specialist
management assistent
team leader


customer service operator*

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