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Facility coach

Job description?

You are responsible for the planning and supervision of the facility team (security, utility room, kitchen, repair service, reception, cleaning service). It is equally your duty to follow up the milestones and to ensure good communication between the various facility teams. In addition, you detect problems, you inquire into their causes and you suggest solutions. In consultation with the site manager you set up time management studies and you analyse the time targets, on the basis of which you set up actions for improvement and you formulate training targets in consultation with the facility team.

Required profile?

You have at least an A2 degree. You are fluent in Dutch and have basic knowledge of French. You have experience in the facility or cleaning sector. You are familiar with a computer. You have an analytical mind and a keen eye for detail. You are also capable of handling several assignments efficiently and in a well-organised manner. You are a real coach.


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facility coach
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customer service operator*