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database marketeer

Job responsibilities?

You are responsible for the creation and the maintenance of the VISUAL STUDIO.net, the queries and reports in the yet existing Access and SQL databases. You standardise these queries and reports in a user-friendly manner. You analyse and translate the company’s needs for data availability into concrete database charts. You integrate the data contained in the new Vocalcom call centre system with the existing telephone system. You are responsible for troubleshooting with regard to the database, the existing queries and the VISUAL STUDIO.net applications. You also responable for the network and the VOCALCOM.

Ideal job profile?

You have at least an A1 diploma in information science. You have a good knowledge of relational databases (SQL, ACCESS) and VISUAL STUDIO.net has no more secrets for you. You also have priliminary knowledge de DOMINO of NOTUS LOTES. You have a good understanding of the functional IT data requirements and you know how to deal with all the aspects of your job. You are familiar with the administrative applications WINDOWS 2000 and you are responsible for the different network ingredients.


graphic designer

monitoring steward
sales manager
legal advisor
call center manager
database marketeer
facility coach
human resources assistant
IT Specialist
management assistent
team leader


customer service operator*