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How does SEBECO CENTER work out the right accommodation solution for you ?

  • Analysis of your internal call center accommodation needs. During a thorough audit SEBECO CENTER defines what kind of objectives your internal call center needs to strive after and how these objectives can be met.
  • Analysis of and advice on the technological environment. In this phase SEBECO CENTER works out the solution that suits your internal call center best.
  • Implementation of the solutions. During this phase SEBECO CENTER makes sure that the proposed programme becomes operational.
  • Analysis of and advice on the support functions. SEBECO CENTER devises a facility plan, during which we work out a joint service level agreement on different levels: PC support, building support, meeting rooms, catering and office supplies.
  • Implementation of management systems. SEBECO CENTER gives your company a global survey of your internal call center workstation costs. During this phase we represent the internal call center graphically. This allows us to do some simulations so as to determine what kind influence a possible extension can have on your internal call center functioning.
  • Recruitment and training. SEBECO CENTER also helps you with the proposed call center policy by recruiting and training new staff members.

SEBECO CENTER - your ideal accommodation partner.



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