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"A sales percentage of 30% for outbound calls business to business with pharmacists as a target group: congratulations to all tele-operators! In this way, we can increase the sales volume from our indirect customers who are too small to qualify for a visit by a sales representative. If we send a direct mailing on the basis of the same data base, we do not even realise a sales percentage of 5% for this target group. The first call center campaign resulted in a sales percentage of 23%, the second in a sales percentage of 28% and now you even manage to obtain a sales result of 30.7%; we are extremely satisfied with the service rendered by SEBECO CALL CENTER." – J.D.

"Market research is a key element in our multinational’s business strategy. It gives us a clearer picture of the market and of our target group which includes both private individuals and SMEs. SEBECO CALL CENTER helps us to set our objectives, gives advice and takes care of the operational aspect. Subsequently, SEBECO CALL CENTER also handles the data base activities for reporting purposes. On the basis of these outbound surveys we can select a specific target group of hot leads to whom we can send direct mailings using free s amples. Working with SEBECO CALL CENTER allows us to increase our market shareconsiderably, both in Belgium and in the Netherlands." – W.V.

"The legislation within our sector is constantly changing. These changes directly affect the products we sell in various shops. Via SEBECO CALL CENTER we conduct surveys on a regular basis, to sound out how the shops perceive these changes and what the consequences are with regard to the final consumer. Subsequently, the collected data are handled statistically to enable us to take appropriate action. SEBECO CALL CENTER gives us a real full-service approach." – L.D.

"The strategy of our listed company will change in the very near future. This implies that we will receive many queries from our customers. In order to relieve our inbound consumer lines we called in SEBECO CALL CENTER. All incoming calls are automatically transferred to the SEBECO CALL CENTER platform, where the consumer can make a selection by using of the keys on his telephone. Queries of a general nature are answered by SEBECO CALL CENTER, more specific queries are automatically transferred to our offices. This enables us to reduce the workload of our employees who no longer have to worry about handling general queries which can be answered by the tele-operators of SEBECO CALL CENTER who have received a detailed briefing. By outsourcing the inbound calls to SEBECO CALL CENTER our employees are relieved of a considerable workload, no calls are lost and our staff can now concentrate on specific customer queries." – H.V.

"Our radio commercials and direct mailings generate a certain response from consumers over the telephone. These inbound calls are handled by SEBECO CALL CENTER. The sales results for this particular campaign amount to about 14%. In addition to the pure selling of our product SEBECO CALL CENTER also handles many customer queries regarding our sales campaign. The co-operation between SEBECO CALL CENTER and our operators is a success. We initially intended to run this campaign for one month. However, the success of this sales campaign made us extend our contract with SEBECO CALL CENTER by 1.5 month." – M.C.


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