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Response handling by means of IVR or live agents ?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) combines the merits of computer technology and telecommunication. SEBECO APPLICATIONS uses this technology to operate 480 telephone lines simultaneously, 24 hours a day. Depending on your selection you will be put through to a voice computer or to a live agent.
The caller dials a marketing number or selects the call-me-through or call-me-back buttons on your website and is put through to an IVR platform which identifies the caller. By means of the telephone keys the respondent is guided through a digitalised tree structure, after which he/she is put through to a voice computer or a live agent who provides the necessary information. The IVR module gives you the opportunity as a customer to control the IVR routing from a distance. In this way you can get access to a digital tree structure on a 24 hour basis. It will guide you through all the procedures to set up your direct response campaign.


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