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Draw up an inventory

SEBECO draws up an inventory of all operations and keeps up these operations regularly. You may always ask us how we incorporate your data. Using a decent inventory we can quickly reply to any of your requests. When drawing up the inventory we always check whether we do not use risk information. The use of sensitive, legal and medical information is subject to restrictions.

  • Sensitive information concerns race, ethnic decent, sexual behaviour and political, philosophical or religious belief. Information about membership to a trade union or a health insurance is also considered to be sensitive. SEBECO can use sensitive information if you agree or if the law obliges us to do so. Sensitive data can also be processed in a number of exceptional cases.
  • Legal information concerns disputes in court, judgements and deprivations. These data can only be processed by lawyers when defending their clients and by the police and the public authorities in cases in which the law gives explicit permission.
  • Medical information concerns your state of health. Administrative or accounting information about medical treatment is not considered to be medical information. When using medical information a doctor, dentist or pharmacist will supervise the processing and they will bear the responsibility for it. If we want to process medical information without medical control, we need your explicit permission in writing. Medical data can only be passed on to a third party in very exceptional cases.

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