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Obligation to provide information

In principle, everybody is aware of the fact that SEBECO is processing data about them. We inform you about the processing each time we ask for your data. If SEBECO conducts a survey for example, we inform you about who we are and why the data will be processed. We will also point out that you have the right to look in and to ask us to change your data. If our operation is entered into the public register, we will inform you about it. If we do not get our data from you directly, we will check whether you were informed about the fact that this information would be passed on to us. If not, we will personally inform you about our processing. However, we are not obliged to inform you if we only process identification data – name and coordinates – with whom we have social or professional relations.

If you ask for it in writing, we will inform you whether we have information of you at our disposal and if it is the case, what kind of data it concerns. We will pass on these data within 45 days after the receipt of your request. In our reply we will also inform you about your right to ask for free adaptation. We are not obliged to comply with a second, similar request within a period of 12 months after the date of your first request.

You may also suggest free adaptations. We will immediately correct inaccuracies in our information. Opinions or appreciations cannot be disputed, unless they are based on incorrect information. You may ask us to remove data that are not relevant as far as the objective of the operation is concerned or data that have been preserved too long. Within one month of thorough investigation, we will inform you about the adaptations made. We will also inform any person to whom we may have given incorrect information.



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