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How do we use your data?

Personal information we receive from you online or by phone will be used for SEBECO marketing objectives, except as otherwise required by law or as SEBECO discloses to you when the information is gathered.

Personal Data

We may use your personal data to contact you. For instance, we may respond to your comments or request for information. We can also contact you when processing your order for services offered through our site. We may also enhance or merge personal data with data obtained from third parties for the same purposes.

We can also use personal data about you to improve our marketing and promotional efforts, to statistically analyse site usage and to adapt our online services to the client. We believe that these uses allow use to improve our site and better tailor it to meet our respondent’s needs. SEBECO does not collect personal data automatically. We can combine non-personal data that are automatically collected (for instance through cookies) together with your previously submitted personal data.

General and Statistical Data

SEBECO uses web log information (such as your web browser, pages visited, etc.) to help design us our site, to identify popular features and for other managerial purposes. However, SEBECO may, if necessary, use the web log data to help to identify any person attempting to break into or damage our site. We may share web log data with law enforcement agencies if we believe that we have evidence of a violation of computer security or related laws.



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